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기사 (전체 875건)
Lee Yoon Sang wins best poster presentation award at international conference
Lee Sang Yoon, graduate student with the Department of Chemistry College of...
제주대신문  |  2013-12-14 21:07
Flowers with fallen leaves
On Nov. 5, plant market was held in Halla-Tu. Students. Fall has come alrea...
By Kim Yeon-Joo  |  2013-12-14 21:07
University students', Jeju Univ Expo
Univ Expo was held on Oct. 25 to 26 at Jeju-NU.Univ Expo is hosted by stude...
By Ko Yoo-Jin, Woo Hyo-Seung  |  2013-12-14 20:48
The rate of scholarships for one student reaches 54.9 %
The amount of scholarship Jeju-NU has provided to students this year is more than half of their tuition.One student is a...
By Woo Hyo-Seung  |  2013-12-14 20:47
The election of members for student body will begin from Nov. 4
The election of members for student body will begin from Nov. 4The candidates for general student council are as follows...
By Kim Yeon-Joo  |  2013-12-14 20:47
Jeju-NU made an agreement for a dual degree program with Boise State University
Recently, Jeju-NU made an agreement with Boise State University for education and research partnership. So both universi...
By Lee Yu-Rae  |  2013-12-14 20:46
Jeju-NU ranked 39th in university evaluation
Jeju-NU ranked 39th in ‘2013 Evaluation of University held by Jungang Newsp...
By Kim Yeon-Joo  |  2013-12-14 20:45
Career Strategy Center, recruits Career Camp participants
Career Strategy Center recruits the participants of Career Camp, ‘Ara-Ya-Chueeup-Job-Neun-da’.The recruitment will be fi...
By Kang Yoon-Seo  |  2013-12-14 20:44
LINK awarded prizes in six sections
In ‘2013 Industry-Academic Cooperation Expo’, which was held on Oct. 23, Je...
BY Kim Yeon-Joo  |  2013-12-14 20:42
What are student careers scholarships?
Jeju-NU Job Career Center announced a plan of selecting scholarship student...
By Kim Ha-Yeon  |  2013-12-14 20:42
TOPIK examination, please pay attention!
With the 32rd TOPIK examination on Oct. 22, this year's TOPIK examinations have come to an end. From next year, the new ...
By Liu Yuan-Yuan  |  2013-12-14 20:41
Jeju-NU students, share their ability through Ara Volunteer Program
The members of Jeju-NU Ara Volunteer Program are sharing their love through their work. Ara Volunteer Program is carried...
By Kim Yeon-Joo  |  2013-12-14 20:40
Driving license exam is not difficult
Recently, a very concerning phenomenon is occurring that language students who have just arrived in Jeju are driving mot...
By Liu Yuan-Yuan  |  2013-12-14 20:40
The Islanders' For you Series 1 – Books in your life
For those who wants to go on vacationJeju-Olle Travel; Play, Rest, Walk By ...
제주대미디어  |  2013-12-14 20:39
jeju weekly column
I am studying for a PhD in Agroecology. So, I would like to write the backg...
Peter O’Donnell  |  2013-12-14 20:37
Find who you are in your daily life
These days, there is a common thing that Korean university students keep wo...
Lee Young Suck  |  2013-12-14 20:35
Creative personnel development agreed for cooperation with UNESCO Jeju Association
To help the youngsters of Jeju region develop into creative persons through...
제주대미디어  |  2013-12-14 20:34
Jeju-NU got four medals on 94th National Sports Festival
Jeju-NU got four medals, one gold medal, two silver medals and one bronze m...
제주대미디어  |  2013-12-14 20:33
Society leader practicing 1.5 billion worth of nobles oblige
With President Huh Hyang Jin presiding, an unveiling ceremony for the bust ...
제주대미디어  |  2013-12-14 20:32
IBM global mentoring program was held at Jeju-NU
IBM(International Business Machine Corporation) mentoring program took plac...
By Kim Gyu-Jeong  |  2013-09-22 17:20
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