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기사 (전체 875건)
Safety Problems with the School Bus System
The school shuttle bus system causes safety problems for Jeju-NU students.T...
Kang Woo-Jun  |  2015-11-14 14:32
Students Plead for Peace & Quiet
A major problem about the tranquility of the dormitories was pointed out.Especially for those residing in the BTL dormit...
Michael Dumar M. Bulong  |  2015-11-14 14:30
Students Question Cafeteria Service
The Jeju-NU cafeterias serve a lot of students every day, offering meals at...
Sharmaine Tamilan Valdez  |  2015-11-14 14:29
Upcoming Election Reveals a Lack of Candidates
This students’ election has tendency to be a single-handed election. Except...
Jo You-Yeong  |  2015-11-14 14:26
Culture Hotspots for University Students
Compared to other cities in the mainland, Jeju citizens, especially those i...
Ko Dae-Hyeop  |  2015-11-14 14:24
Festival Connects Jeju with the World
Starting with a global street parade around Jeju City to the closing ceremo...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-11-14 14:23
Islanders Can Enjoy Art through French Films
From November 19 to 21, the 6th annual Jeju French Film Festival (Jeju FFF)...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-11-14 14:19
3 Types of Psychological Test
1. Holland Code Career TestThis test will identify your strongest career in...
Kim Ji-Eun  |  2015-11-14 14:18
Same Day Different Sweets
As their shapes resemble the number 1, both Pepero Day and Bar Rice Cake da...
Kim Ji-Eun  |  2015-11-14 14:16
Have you ever heard about Cheon-goma-bi?
Cheon-goma-bi is a four character Korean idiom used to describe autumn and ...
Jo You-Yeong  |  2015-11-14 14:15
Student Respond to History Textbook Controversy
History is important to people because it gives insight into the past, pres...
Choi Woon-Seon, Wickramasinghe  |  2015-11-14 14:13
Comparison Without Comparison
Jeju National University ranked 29th in Korea at the “Joong An Il Bo” Educa...
Kim Seong-Min  |  2015-11-14 14:10
Pick Up Lines around the World
In Japanese 一緒にお茶でも飲まない?Pronounciation: Issho ni ocha demo nomanai?Would you like to have a cup of tea (or...
제주대미디어  |  2015-11-14 14:08
The Other Side of Familiarity
Last week, a well-known philosopher and writer Kang Shin-Ju came to Jeju-NU...
Kim Su-Min (Pre-Veterinary 2)  |  2015-11-14 14:07
Students Critique Dormitory Efficiency
Jeju-NU students living in the dormitory opened unaddressed problems about the dormitory facility and administration.Acc...
Michael Dumar M. Bulong  |  2015-11-14 13:51
Fusion of Culture
Held by the JNU International Students Organization (JISO), Jeju-NU International Students Day was held at Ara-Muse Hall...
Sharmaine Tamilan Valdez  |  2015-11-14 13:49
Changes to General Education Courses Again
Jeju-NU announced another reorganization of the general education course requirements for next semester. The Institute o...
Choi Woon-Seon  |  2015-11-14 13:47
Feel the Passion
The Broadcasting Contest Festival will be hosted by Jeju-NU Educational Bro...
Ko Dae-Hyeop  |  2015-11-14 13:45
Take a Power Nap
Where do you take your naps at school? If you are a girl, head on over to t...
Kim Su-Min  |  2015-11-14 13:43
Let’s have fun on the trail!
John Muir, the prevalent Scottish-American naturalist used to say, “In every walk with Nature one receives far more than...
Sachith Wickramasinghe  |  2015-11-14 13:41
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