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Enjoy It While You Can
Welcome back everybody! It is time to brace ourselves with the rainy weather, chilly Jeju winds and the harrowing days i...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-09-18 22:17
Let’s Hear from Jeju-NU Foreign Exchange Students
Masaya Nakamura (Plant Resource & Environment, 4)I was offered a scholarshi...
Sharmaine Tamilan Valdez  |  2015-09-18 22:15
Salute Memorial Day!
Memorial Day, or Hyeon Chung-Il, is a day in remembrance to the people who ...
Kim Su-Min  |  2015-06-11 22:39
Finally Students Can Use their Mobile IDs
As of June 1, Jeju-NU students are now able to use the student mobile ID ap...
Kang Gee-Su  |  2015-06-11 22:38
JISO and So-Ara in Aid for Nepal
Jeju-NU International Students Organization (JISO) and the Student Council ...
Kim Su-Min  |  2015-06-11 22:36
Campus shuttle bus still poses a problem!
Students have voiced discomfort when using Jeju-NU’s shuttle bus.So-Ara, Je...
Song Moon-Kyu  |  2015-06-11 22:35
A practical and academic English class
English Language Institute (ELI) is the English speaking and writing class ...
Jo You-Yeong  |  2015-06-11 22:33
A Chance to be Confident in English
On May 14, The Islander held its 36th English Speech Contest, offering 23 J...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-06-11 22:31
Grab a chance to study abroad through GNE
Students has an opportunity to study in universities in New Zealand, Philip...
Choi Woon-Seon  |  2015-06-11 22:30
Professional Outlook on East Asia
From May 19 to May 21, the 10th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity was hel...
Han Seung-Seop  |  2015-06-11 22:28
Spring Semester Highlights
1 Up All Night Reading Event The first Jeju Regional University ‘Up All Nig...
제주대미디어  |  2015-06-11 22:01
What was the best part of the festival?
1. Women magazine editor Gwak Jeong-Eun’s gave a lecture about her 8 tips o...
Jung Sung-Ji  |  2015-06-11 22:00
An Original Fest of the Ara-What was it like to meet U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert?
I found his philosophy fascinating, which is that all problems that we face...
Ko Dae-Hyeop  |  2015-06-11 21:58
Unity in Strength!
“Unitatem in Fortitudo” or ‘Unity in Strength’ is the motto of JISO. The logo itself is a mirror that reflects the bond ...
Sachith Wickramasinghe  |  2015-06-11 21:51
Free Movies at the School Museum!
Jeju-NU’s student council (SoAra) is screening free movies at the school mu...
Jo You-Yeong  |  2015-05-06 21:44
Start Your Day with Creativity
Every first Monday, there is a small seminar at Café Trebean in the front entrance with special guest speakers ev...
Kang Gee-Su  |  2015-05-06 21:42
Search for New Shinsegae Heroes
On April 23, Shinsegae Knowledge Feast Concert took place at Jeju-NUAra Mus...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-05-06 21:40
Cleaning Workers Make Jeju-NU Beautiful
At 7:30 every morning while the school staff and students are getting ready...
Song Moon-Kyu  |  2015-05-06 21:39
More students choosing to postpone graduation
In recent years, the number of students who put off their graduation has be...
KoDae-Hyeop  |  2015-05-06 21:36
Travel: A Great Season for Hiking
The weather is great for outdoor activities in May. It would be a great rel...
Kim Su-Min  |  2015-05-06 21:33
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