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기사 (전체 875건)
Useful Sites for Students!
NCS (National Competency Standards)This site gives out tips for job seekers. It helps you prepare for licenses, intervie...
제주대미디어  |  2015-05-06 21:31
The Truth Shall Not Sink With Sewol
Last month there were a lot of memorial events and happenings on the mainla...
Kim Su-Min  |  2015-05-06 21:30
Do NOT underrate F.C. Dong-Nae
F.C. Dong-Naewon at Mad-Sanae cup soccer game which is under the patronage ...
Kang Gee-Su  |  2015-05-06 21:28
Breaking the Frames
Early this April, Sung Wan-Jong, the former chairman of Keangnam Enterprise...
Bek Gyeong-Min (Political Scie  |  2015-05-06 21:25
Peace Butterfly Concert in Jeju
On March 31, Peace Butterfly Concert took place in Ara Muse Hall. The Peace...
Kang Gee-Su  |  2015-04-06 22:21
Let’s Paint To Make A Difference
Jeju-NU’s Female Student Assembly Sogongneu is currently recruiting both ma...
So Sang-Jae  |  2015-04-06 21:26
Breaking: So-Ara Insists on a Proper Apology from Jeju-NU President
On April 1, Jeju-NU President Huh Hyang-Jin, Student Council President Won Il-Gwon, student representatives, faculty rep...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-04-06 21:22
Let us never forget the Jeju 4•3 Incident
What is 4•3?4•3 is the shortened term of 4•3 Incident or the...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-04-06 21:20
Spring Fever is one step ahead in Jeju
Global warming is ongoing and Earth is going through abnormal climate which means an early spring for Jeju Island.For pe...
By Jung Sung-Ji  |  2015-04-06 21:16
A Glimpse of Jeju-NU Animal Hospital
Every morning Jeju-NU dormitory students pass by a white-tiled building as ...
So Sang-Jae  |  2015-04-06 21:15
Is Alcohol allowed on-campus?
Spring, the season when the cherry blossom comes out is coming back. Every spring, students of Jeju-Nu gather by twos an...
Kang Gee-Su  |  2015-04-06 21:13
Warning to dorm students:
Students are left bewildered with the increased amount of unannounced dormitory inspections since the start of the new s...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-04-06 21:10
How to survive the mid-term exams
1. Do not pull all-nighters. Staying up all night does not mean you studied all night.2. Talk to your seniors for advice...
Kim Su-Min  |  2015-04-06 21:09
Mini Language Classes are Now Open!
Foreign Language Institute is recruiting new members to join their language classes.You can choose to study English, Jap...
Jung Sung-Ji  |  2015-04-06 21:07
So-Ara Fights for Student Rights amid Budget Cuts
Recently, some students of national universities in Korea filed a collectiv...
By Jung Sung-Ji  |  2015-04-06 21:02
What do Nazi Doctors and Environmentalists Have In Common?
Jeju Island is often called ‘Pure and Clean Jeju’ for its well preserved na...
Kim Su-Min  |  2015-04-06 20:57
Talk to So-Ara -Via Kakaotalk!
How: Friend Request Kakaotalk ID (제대총학) *Must type ID in KoreanWho: Jeju-NU...
제주대미디어  |  2015-04-06 20:54
A Fresh Perspective from Freshmen
The campus is crowded with freshmen and the semester has started. The Islander wondered why the recent batch of freshmen...
Kang Gee-Su  |  2015-03-25 21:01
Jeju-NU Welcomes New Students
On February 25th, Jeju-NU held its 2015 entrance ceremony at the recently b...
Jung Sung-Ji  |  2015-03-25 20:58
Exclusive: How Safe Are Students on Jeju-NU’s Campus?
Students and faculty have mixed feelings about safety in Jeju-NU.According to a Jeju News article, Jeju Eastern Police S...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-03-25 20:56
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