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Is your school life comfortable?

Jeju-NU has a responsibility to provide students a comfortable environment while using school facilities. However, there has been a constant flow of recommendations from Jeju-NU students who are using school facility from each department.

In the College of Ocean Science, students have complained about broken desks and chairs. They face discomfort when selecting a seat during lecture.

In the Liberal Education Center, the men’s restrooms doors are designed to close slowly which allows passersby to get a glimpse of the inside. Ironically, students are uncomfortable using the restroom.

In the case for the College of Social Science, “There is only one water dispenser on each floor at the middle of the building so I felt discomfort of using it. In order for the school to improve, they should consider the suggestions made by student,” said Cho So-Young (Journalism and Public Relations, 1).

Similar to the College of Social Science, in the College of Humanities, there is only one water fountain in each building.

Many students face discomfort with the lack of fountains and in response, the president of Made-in (the new students official of the College of Humanities) Oh Gyung-Cheol (Sociology, 3) stated, “We know of the problem related to water dispensers. However, there is a difficulty in installing it because construction is unavoidable to connecting to water lines. In order to diminish this discomfort, we are expecting to buy a portable water dispenser for the first humanities building.”

He also mentioned, “For the second humanities building, one of the most mentioned problems is the lack of paper cups so we will try to dissolve this problem first. For the installation of water dispensers, we will have consistent talks with the administrative department.”

For the improvement of school facilities, not only the concern of students, but the consistent effort from the school administration is needed.

Choi Woon-Seon  

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