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Donggabnaegi is not electedElections were more complicated than before

On December 2, Donggabnaegi was not elected as next year’s Board of Club Association.

On November 9, the result of the Board of Club Association election was nullified. Following the nullification, the election committee was changed to the present club association, Hambakwooteum, the board of representatives.

At first, this election had two candidates. However, as one of the candidates CHANGE gave up to run for new election officially, it became a single-handed election. Dongsidabal is another candidate reregistered as Donggabnaegi. Dongsidabal was warned several times due election rule violations like campaign promotions in advanced, unpermitted access to the election commission office and unapproved promotion materials. As a result, Dongsidabal was disbanded.

However there was dissent that the Board of Club Association should not be reprimanded by a separate election committee which resulted in a debate between club representatives. As the election became invalid, Donggabnaegi gained qualification to run for office once again.

Jo You-Yeong  

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