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Donggabnaegi is not elected
On December 2, Donggabnaegi was not elected as next year’s Board of Club Association.On November 9, the result of the Bo...
Jo You-Yeong  |  2015-12-21 00:34
Is your school life comfortable?
Jeju-NU has a responsibility to provide students a comfortable environment while using school facilities. However, there...
Choi Woon-Seon  |  2015-12-21 00:33
Jeju-NU Global Teachers Awarded in Excellence
On November 30, it was announced that two teams from Jeju-NU Global Teachers University (GTU) were rated excellent in th...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-12-21 00:32
Successful Bidding for College of Pharmacy
On November 24, Jeju-NU along with Chonbuk National University and Dong-A U...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-12-21 00:31
The New Year’s Leaders
The student council Naeilro, the girl student’s society Goodsaeyeora and th...
Jung Sung-Ji, Choi Woon-Sun  |  2015-12-21 00:29
Drink in Korean Style!
The end of year brings a lot of drinking parties. For this special occasion take time to get some facts straight about d...
Kim Su-Min  |  2015-12-21 00:27
FLI Offers Free English Camp
From January 25 to 28 and February 1 to 4, the Jeju-NU’s Foreign Language Institute (FLI) will be hosting its 2015 Winte...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-12-21 00:26
Jeju Peace Monument Will be Moved
The Jeju Peace Monument Steer Committee decided to erect a peace monument i...
Kang Woo-Jun  |  2015-12-21 00:25
The Best Way to Leave Hell-Joseon
Hell-Joseon is a new Korean word, which is a combination of the word ‘hell’...
Jo You-Yeong  |  2015-12-21 00:24
Welcoming the New Year at Sunrise Peak
The annual Seongsan Ilchulbong or Seongsan Sunrise Peak festival will be he...
Sachith Wickramasinghe  |  2015-12-21 00:23
A Christmas Letter
Dear Matt,Hardly will you witness an empty street in this season. Here, every street is filled with people happily spend...
Michael Dumar Bulong  |  2015-12-21 00:21
What was the rage in 2015?
1. Movie-Veteran-The Avengers: Age of Ultron 2. Music-Some
Kang Woo-Jun  |  2015-12-21 00:19
Which type of Christmas character are you?
Santa Type -prepares sincere, big or small, earnest presents for the people...
Jung Sung-Ji, Choi Woon-Sun  |  2015-12-21 00:17
Take the Winter Writing Challenge
Earlier this semester, I did an informal survey and asked my students if any of them wrote fiction or poetry for fun. As...
Prof.John Burgman  |  2015-12-21 00:15
To Have a Perfect Christmas
ToHave aPerfect ChristmasA merry Christmas indeedHere are a few things to rememberAnd few things you will needThere must...
Sharmaine Tamilan Valdez  |  2015-12-21 00:12
Safety Problems with the School Bus System
The school shuttle bus system causes safety problems for Jeju-NU students.T...
Kang Woo-Jun  |  2015-11-14 14:32
Students Plead for Peace & Quiet
A major problem about the tranquility of the dormitories was pointed out.Especially for those residing in the BTL dormit...
Michael Dumar M. Bulong  |  2015-11-14 14:30
Students Question Cafeteria Service
The Jeju-NU cafeterias serve a lot of students every day, offering meals at...
Sharmaine Tamilan Valdez  |  2015-11-14 14:29
Upcoming Election Reveals a Lack of Candidates
This students’ election has tendency to be a single-handed election. Except...
Jo You-Yeong  |  2015-11-14 14:26
Culture Hotspots for University Students
Compared to other cities in the mainland, Jeju citizens, especially those i...
Ko Dae-Hyeop  |  2015-11-14 14:24
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