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Waiting for 2017 Christmas
Christmas is just around the corner. Are you fretting out over what to buy ...
Tan Jia-Min  |  2017-12-11 13:09
What do we need to do for the Public Transportation Condition?
The big growth of population of Jeju island caused a number of cars. A numb...
Kim Dong-Gyu  |  2017-12-11 13:05
Watching 'Criminal Conspiracy'; Government’s suppression in the press
Do you know why people usually do not trust the public broadcasting? In kor...
Kim Da-Young  |  2017-12-11 13:02
Interview About 2017 Jeju-NU Student Voting’
On November, Jeju-NU students experienced the election of the student counc...
Jeon Seong-Hwan  |  2017-12-11 12:54
“Looking Back on 2017”
The fall semester is coming to an end, what do Jeju-NU students think of th...
Tan Jia-Min, Jeon Soeng-Hwan  |  2017-12-11 12:47
Where is the Lost and Find in Jeju-NU?
“I know the Liberal Arts Lecture Building has an bulletin board for lost an...
Noh Seung-Min  |  2017-12-11 12:26
Jeju-NU and Thai Universities Jointly Develop Online Lecture Program
Jeju-NU has signed the agreement with Dusit Thani College and Mae Fah Luang University of Thailand to jointly develop an...
Noh Seung-Min  |  2017-12-11 12:20
Korea and Unaccustomed Earthquake
An earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale occurred in Pohang on November 15. It was the strongest earthquake in K...
Kim Jae-Hyun  |  2017-12-11 12:18
Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 is Connecting Passion
The XXIII Olympic Winter Games will be held for 17 days from 9 to 25 Februa...
Kim Su-Yeon  |  2017-12-11 12:16
Smart Mobile Pouch Produces Tribo Electricity, by Jeju-NU Researchers
Researchers worldwide now have developed and often demonstrated innovative ...
Kim Jae-Hyun  |  2017-12-11 12:05
Dispute; Election in the Student Council of College of Social Science
From November 16 to 23, there are dispute about the election in College of Social Science. In this college, two campaign...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-12-11 11:47
Professor Song Seok-Eon is new Top Priority Candidate as 10th Jeju-NU President
On November 23, Professor Song Seok-Eon(Law School) got 63.3% of the votes ...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-12-11 11:42
“Waste not, want not”
Wherever one may walk, one will see roadsides covered in red leaves tinted ...
Tan Jia-Min  |  2017-11-25 00:50
Smartphone: To Control or to be Controlled
Thanks to the remarkable and striking development of technology, people are...
Bek Seong-Jin  |  2017-11-25 00:46
Halloween Party in Jeju-NU Dormitory
The 2017 Jeju-NU Halloween Party was held at a gym in the dormitory on Octo...
Son Hye-Bin  |  2017-11-25 00:43
Election of new Jeju-NU Student Council, ‘Soshin’
Campaign of ‘Soshin’ From October 31, the candidate team of the new Jeju-NU...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-11-25 00:35
Festival du Film Français de Jeju Welcomed the 8th Inning
Festival du film français de Jeju was held six days from November 7 ...
Kim Su-Yeon  |  2017-11-25 00:25
Delay of Korea College Scholastic Ability Test
On November 15, Korean Government urgent announced the delay of College Scholastic Ability Test which was slated to be h...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-11-25 00:20
10th Jeju-NU Model United Nations, Learning from Conference
From November 17 to 18, Jeju-NU Political Science and Diplomacy held the 10...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-11-25 00:16
Jeju-NU Central Digital Library Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony of the Central Digital Library at Jeju-NU was held on ...
Son Hye-Bin  |  2017-11-25 00:12
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