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Happy April Fools Day
Alice Siae Hwang  |  2021-04-03 14:25
Origin and Current Situation of Gwendang Culture
Have you ever heard of Gwendang culture? ‘Gwendang’ means relatives in Jeju...
Cho Jae-Hee  |  2021-04-03 14:22
Jeju’s Hero who Fought for Korea’s Independence
It is important to remember nationwide independent activists, but it is als...
Kim Ji-Woo  |  2021-04-03 14:20
The Ethics of Public Officials Throughout History
The snowballing national scandal centered around the Korea Land and Housing...
Park Min-Su  |  2021-04-03 14:19
Ways to Make Olle Trail More Enjoyable: Play the Jeju and Clean Olle
The Islander would like to introduce two ways to fully enjoy the Jeju Olle ...
Jeong Jiyun  |  2021-04-03 14:16
The End Justifies the Means: Myanmar’s Coup D'état and the Fight for Democracy
Meaning that when the end goal is important any mean to achieve it is valid...
José Manuel Orta  |  2021-04-03 14:15
The Background Story of the New Website, JNU Class
From the beginning of this semester, JNU introduced a new website, JNU Clas...
Woo Jong-Min  |  2021-04-03 14:10
What Has ‘Wave’ Done So Far?
In January and February, the JNU General Student Council ‘Wave’ carried out some of their promises: 7 out of 39 proposal...
Kim Baek-San  |  2021-04-03 14:07
JNU Clubs – How Are They Doing in the Covid-19 Situation?
Similar to last year, JNU clubs are having a hard time doing activities on campus due to the social distancing policies,...
Jeong Jiyun  |  2021-04-03 14:03
JNU’s Taste Trail: Students Recommend their Preferred Restaurants
As reported by The Center of International Affairs of JNU, this semester ha...
José Manuel Orta  |  2021-04-03 14:02
The Weary and Tough Life of Haenyeo, Known to Australia
An exhibition about Jeju Haenyeo is being held by the Korean Cultural Centr...
Woo Jong-Min  |  2021-04-03 13:58
Jeju Youth Center, the Supporting Partner
The Jeju Youth Center is an organization that was established with the Jeju business agency in 2017. It is designed to h...
Lee Bo-Bae  |  2021-04-03 13:54
A Step Forward to the Complete Resolution of the 4·3 Massacre
335 inmates who were unaccounted for in connection with the 4·3 Massacre wa...
Jin Won-Hyung  |  2021-04-03 13:53
Construction of the Jeju Second Airport – Happening or Not?
The results of a public opinion poll about the Jeju Second Airport construction was announced on February 19th. This pol...
Kim Soo-In  |  2021-04-03 13:52
Happy New Yerar
Kang Hye-Su  |  2021-01-25 11:41
Looking Back on My First Job
“No one knows how life will turn out to be”: because of the COVID-19, this ...
Kim Eun-San  |  2021-01-25 11:38
The Various Styles of National New Year Celebration
On January 1st, lots of people around the globe celebrate the New Year with...
Kim Ji-Woo  |  2021-01-25 11:30
Que Será, Será; Whatever Will Be, Will Be
2020’s curtain is about to go down as the world is in a perpetual state of ...
José Manuel Orta  |  2021-01-25 11:27
Transparency and Timeliness in an Era of Uncertainty
As the COVID-19 pandemic in Korea enters the third wave, far exceeding the ...
Emily Ambrose  |  2021-01-25 11:27
Large Scale Businesses Put on Brakes According to Songak Declaration
On October 25th, Won HeeRyong, the governor of Jeju Island, held a press co...
Kim Baek-San  |  2021-01-25 11:03
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