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기사 (전체 107건)
Happy April Fools Day
Alice Siae Hwang  |  2021-04-03 14:25
Origin and Current Situation of Gwendang Culture
Have you ever heard of Gwendang culture? ‘Gwendang’ means relatives in Jeju...
Cho Jae-Hee  |  2021-04-03 14:22
Jeju’s Hero who Fought for Korea’s Independence
It is important to remember nationwide independent activists, but it is als...
Kim Ji-Woo  |  2021-04-03 14:20
The Ethics of Public Officials Throughout History
The snowballing national scandal centered around the Korea Land and Housing...
Park Min-Su  |  2021-04-03 14:19
Looking Back on My First Job
“No one knows how life will turn out to be”: because of the COVID-19, this ...
Kim Eun-San  |  2021-01-25 11:38
The Various Styles of National New Year Celebration
On January 1st, lots of people around the globe celebrate the New Year with...
Kim Ji-Woo  |  2021-01-25 11:30
Transparency and Timeliness in an Era of Uncertainty
As the COVID-19 pandemic in Korea enters the third wave, far exceeding the ...
Emily Ambrose  |  2021-01-25 11:27
11/11 Famer's Day
Kang Hye-Su  |  2020-11-17 09:56
Introducing the Korean College Entrance Exam
The College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), also known as ‘Suneung’ in Sout...
By Jeong Ji-Yun  |  2020-11-17 09:54
Learning Korean Language; A Tough Job
Is it easy to learn Korean language? No, it has never been easy for me. Sin...
Arun Asif  |  2020-11-17 09:52
It’s Now or Never
Is having any expectations and dreams for the future worth it? How much sho...
José Manuel Hernández Orta  |  2020-11-17 09:50
My Surfing Experience in Jeju
Measuring a mere 50km from the east to the west and 27km from the north to ...
Joy Wang  |  2020-10-19 10:27
The 11th Jeju Olle Walking Festival, Apart Together
On each of the twenty-three routes on the main island of Jeju (except Chuja...
By Jeong Ji-Yun  |  2020-10-19 10:25
Studying Abroad During a Pandemic
Studying in Korea has been a dream of mine since I was 14 years old. And no...
Lauryn Amanda Hope  |  2020-10-19 10:24
Jeju, a Place to Find Peace
Since my childhood, I always wanted to live at a calm and peaceful place. L...
Arun Asif  |  2020-10-07 14:08
Global Holidays Similar with Chuseok
Chuseok is one of the biggest traditional Korean holidays. The name ‘Chuseo...
By Woo Jong-Min  |  2020-10-07 14:06
Becoming an Island Girl
My name is Duurenjargal Myagmar, I was born and grew up in Mongolia. I live...
Duurenjargal Myagmar  |  2020-10-07 14:03
Let’s Enjoy Halloween !
Halloween is celebrated on October 31st every year, on the eve of the Christian Feast of Chronicles; people put on vario...
Kang Hye-Su  |  2020-06-12 15:39
What is IB?
What curriculum did you take when you were a student? Your school curriculu...
Mun Jina  |  2020-06-12 15:38
What Do You Know about Jeju Island?
Living on Jeju Island and knowing about Jeju Island are somehow two differe...
Kim Baek-San  |  2020-06-12 15:36
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