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기사 (전체 81건)
What do we need to do for the Public Transportation Condition?
The big growth of population of Jeju island caused a number of cars. A numb...
Kim Dong-Gyu  |  2017-12-11 13:05
Watching 'Criminal Conspiracy'; Government’s suppression in the press
Do you know why people usually do not trust the public broadcasting? In kor...
Kim Da-Young  |  2017-12-11 13:02
“Waste not, want not”
Wherever one may walk, one will see roadsides covered in red leaves tinted ...
Tan Jia-Min  |  2017-11-25 00:50
Smartphone: To Control or to be Controlled
Thanks to the remarkable and striking development of technology, people are...
Bek Seong-Jin  |  2017-11-25 00:46
A very enlightening working experience
Before I moved to Korea, I had an idea of what Korean students might be lik...
Jessica Sicard(외국어교육관 강사)  |  2012-12-01 19:29
Jeju impression
I still remember when I first went to this beautiful island, Jeju. I was just shocked at the first sight. The scenery he...
Peng Ling(무역학과 2)  |  2012-12-01 19:27
Beautiful Island, Jeju
Hello. My name is Peter O’Donnell. I was born in the United States of Ameri...
Peter O’Donnell(Instructor, Fo  |  2012-11-18 19:18
The beginning and end of Jeju environment
The Alpha and the Omega, as the first and last characters of the Greek alph...
Song Hyeon-Jeong  |  2012-11-18 19:14
Are you a good time manager?
To be a time managing expert in life, some buy new planners and stopwatches...
김연주 기자  |  2012-11-18 19:11
TOEIC Reading Comprehension
1. The candidate promised to tuition fee by as much as 50 percent if voted into president of the student body.(A) low (B...
Yang, Jiyoung  |  2012-11-18 19:09
‘Gangnam Style’ in Korea
Imagine my disbelief. A few months ago, my close friend from the USA sent m...
David Seibert (Prof. of Englis  |  2012-11-04 15:42
Being a Foreign Student in Jeju-NU
Foreign students most likely come to South Korea for one out of three reaso...
Jarrlyn Law P. Jaco (English L  |  2012-11-04 15:36
Differences between Korean and foreign college students on part time jobs and spending
Most students find college living enthusiastic and challenging because stud...
Kim Min Ho  |  2012-09-18 09:33
I wouldn't want to be a tourist
Walking thru the little Jeju village of Hargwi, he is constantly greeted by...
Harley Christopher(Instructor  |  2012-09-01 15:32
Studying English abroad gives you a chance to learn new cultures
It is widely known that the ability to communicate in English has become an...
Bae Seong-Joo (Business Admini  |  2012-09-01 15:30
Say ‘Yes’ to Travel
Why should we travel? Throughout the school year, many students are offered a position where they can gain training thro...
Kiyomi De Freitas  |  2012-06-11 08:02
Differences of Univ. between Korea and U.S.A
Before we realize it, one semester has almost passed and the summer vacatio...
Woo Hyo-Seung  |  2012-06-11 07:54
TOEIC Reading Comprehension
1. When you submit your assessment report to the personnel department, documentation must be attached to support your as...
Yang Ji-young  |  2012-06-11 07:52
Testing and Creativity
Can you test for something that is not already known? Is it possible for a ...
Damon Morelli  |  2012-05-29 11:11
Memories of joining Ati-Atihan festival
I got support from the Tourism & Leisure Education Center. They gave me an ...
Lee Jeong-Min  |  2012-05-29 11:04
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