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기사 (전체 47건)
University Clubs. How many are there? What do they do?
JUST (Jeju University Scuba Diving) Scuba Diving. By the name our club, we ...
제주대미디어  |  2015-03-25 20:42
What do you know about the Islander?
The Islander is a Jeju-NU English newspaper edited and published by students. We published our first edition of the Isla...
제주대미디어  |  2015-03-25 20:35
International dispute in the Northeast Asia
Korea and Japan: Dok-doDok-do is in the East Sea of Korea. Korea said, “The...
문재웅, 김규정, Liu Yuand-Yuand 기자  |  2012-11-18 19:22
The road of Jeju, Olle trails
What is Olle? ‘olle’ means narrow path linking entrance of the house to roa...
김연주, 김규정 기자  |  2012-11-04 15:48
Galott, Jeju’s traditional clothing
‘Gal ott’ would be unfamiliar to someone who does not live in Jeju. It is Jeju's traditional clothes with a reddish brow...
한용재, 김규정, 김하은, 고유진 기자  |  2012-09-18 10:15
What is the moment of ‘Baekro’ in your life?
Spring, summer, fall and winter. That is the way to divide one year, which ...
제주대미디어  |  2012-09-18 10:00
What's inside of WCC ①
2012 WCC Volunteering Approximately 30,000 foreigners will participate in the congress, which results in a need to have ...
Moon Jae-Woong, Woo Hyo-Seung  |  2012-09-01 15:52
What's inside of WCC ②
The WCC forum This WCC forum includes exhibitions, round-table meetings, regional meetings, workshops, posters, pavilion...
Woo Hyo-Seung, Moon Jae-Woong  |  2012-09-01 15:48
What's inside of WCC? ③
Speeches in WCC As an event for the World Conservation Congress (WCC), speeches will be held in Sulmundae Women’s Center...
Ko Yoo-Jin, Kim Ha-Eun  |  2012-09-01 15:43
What's inside of WCC ③
Speeches in WCC As an event for the World Conservation Congress (WCC), speeches will be held in Sulmundae Women’s Center...
Ko Yoo-Jin, Kim Ha-Eun  |  2012-09-01 15:39
The story of Tamna, mythologies of Jeju
Samsunghyeol, the birth place of three gods Three holes are dug in the grou...
Kim Yeon-Joo, Moon Jae-Woong  |  2012-06-11 09:33
10 wonders of Yeong-Ju, 10 sceneries in Jeju
Grassland around the HallasanMany herds of horses are seen in grasslands ar...
Kim Gyu-Jeong  |  2012-06-11 08:06
Taste of Tamra, traditional food of Jeju
OmegitteokOmegitteok is a round shape rice cake based on a glutinous millet...
Woo Hyo-Seung, Kim Gyu-Jeong  |  2012-05-29 11:30
The history of Jeju-NU for 60 years
1960's and BeforeMay 27, 1952 Established and opened Cheju Provincial Junio...
Han Yong-Jae  |  2012-05-29 11:16
The identity of Jeju islander, stone culture of Jeju
EtymologyThe name Dol-hareubang derives from the Korean word for "stone" (d...
Han Yong-Jae  |  2012-05-14 16:23
55 years with Dolharubangs… The man who has become a legend
Wind, woman and stone. That is why Dolharubangs can be the symbol of Jeju. ...
김연주 기자  |  2012-05-14 16:18
Jeju-NU Storytelling Research Institute held seminar on Mar. 31
The nation’s best storytelling experts was on campus to explore how to present Jeju’s cultures in the framework of story...
Han Yong-Jae  |  2012-04-07 17:21
For better understanding of 4.3 incidents, Participate in 4.3 Art Festival!!
Cultural programs are going to be held for the upcoming 4.3 incident rememb...
김연주 기자  |  2012-04-07 16:54
Painful history of Jeju, ‘4.3 incidents’
Jeju 4.3 occurred under the U.S Military Government and was a tragic incident that recorded the second most human deaths...
Hyeon Seon-Yeong  |  2012-04-07 16:53
Jeju-NU Olle path, where students can take a stroll
'Jeju-NU Olle path' is a trail starting behind the second building of the C...
제주대미디어  |  2012-04-07 16:46
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