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Ways to Make Olle Trail More Enjoyable: Play the Jeju and Clean Olle
The Islander would like to introduce two ways to fully enjoy the Jeju Olle ...
Jeong Jiyun  |  2021-04-03 14:16
The End Justifies the Means: Myanmar’s Coup D'état and the Fight for Democracy
Meaning that when the end goal is important any mean to achieve it is valid...
José Manuel Orta  |  2021-04-03 14:15
Que Será, Será; Whatever Will Be, Will Be
2020’s curtain is about to go down as the world is in a perpetual state of ...
José Manuel Orta  |  2021-01-25 11:27
JDC-JNU Young Leaders of Next Generation Forum
On October 30th, the ‘JDC-JNU Young Leaders of Next Generation Forum’ was h...
By Kim Baek-San  |  2020-11-17 09:47
Jeju Development Corporation Plans to Reinvigorate the Old Downtown
Jeju Province Development Corporation is planning to build a new office bui...
By Woo Jong-Min  |  2020-11-17 09:45
Hangul Day, The Korean Alphabet Day
October 9th is Hangul Day, and it is also known as the Korean Alphabet Day....
By Kim Baek-San  |  2020-10-19 10:21
The 1st Global Supporters: Volunteers to Help International Students
My name is Hwang Hyo-Sin and I am the leader of the 1st Global Supporters E...
By Kim Baek-San  |  2020-10-07 14:00
The 1st Global Supporters: Volunteers to Help International Students
On June 4th, the 1st Global Supporters had a launching ceremony at the JNU ...
By Kim Baek-San  |  2020-10-07 13:56
K-CONnected Project between Thailand and Jeju Island
K-CONnected is a combined word of ‘K-pop concert’ and ‘connected.’ This yea...
Kim Baek-San  |  2020-06-12 15:33
The 4th East Asian Cultural City Cultural Youth Camp Held in Jeju
In spite of the tense situation between South Korea and Japan, the fourth E...
Kim Baek San  |  2020-06-12 15:30
JNU Is Still Hungry For Festivals
Various JNU Events in Early Fall
The 43rd Parnassus, hosted by JNU English Education Department, was held on...
Kim Baek-San, Si Ae-Alice-Hwan  |  2020-06-12 14:39
Straight From Jeju National University Exchange Students
- The Things that Korean Students Are Unaware Of
Ther are many exchange students from various countries in Jeju National Uni...
Kim Baek-San  |  2020-06-12 13:42
Interview About 2017 Jeju-NU Student Voting’
On November, Jeju-NU students experienced the election of the student counc...
Jeon Seong-Hwan  |  2017-12-11 12:54
“Looking Back on 2017”
The fall semester is coming to an end, what do Jeju-NU students think of th...
Tan Jia-Min, Jeon Soeng-Hwan  |  2017-12-11 12:47
Halloween Party in Jeju-NU Dormitory
The 2017 Jeju-NU Halloween Party was held at a gym in the dormitory on Octo...
Son Hye-Bin  |  2017-11-25 00:43
Election of new Jeju-NU Student Council, ‘Soshin’
Campaign of ‘Soshin’ From October 31, the candidate team of the new Jeju-NU...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-11-25 00:35
University Clubs. How many are there? What do they do?
JUST (Jeju University Scuba Diving) Scuba Diving. By the name our club, we ...
제주대미디어  |  2015-03-25 20:42
What do you know about the Islander?
The Islander is a Jeju-NU English newspaper edited and published by students. We published our first edition of the Isla...
제주대미디어  |  2015-03-25 20:35
International dispute in the Northeast Asia
Korea and Japan: Dok-doDok-do is in the East Sea of Korea. Korea said, “The...
문재웅, 김규정, Liu Yuand-Yuand 기자  |  2012-11-18 19:22
The road of Jeju, Olle trails
What is Olle? ‘olle’ means narrow path linking entrance of the house to roa...
김연주, 김규정 기자  |  2012-11-04 15:48
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