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Jeju-NU and Thai Universities Jointly Develop Online Lecture Program
Jeju-NU has signed the agreement with Dusit Thani College and Mae Fah Luang University of Thailand to jointly develop an...
Noh Seung-Min  |  2017-12-11 12:20
Korea and Unaccustomed Earthquake
An earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale occurred in Pohang on November 15. It was the strongest earthquake in K...
Kim Jae-Hyun  |  2017-12-11 12:18
Dispute; Election in the Student Council of College of Social Science
From November 16 to 23, there are dispute about the election in College of Social Science. In this college, two campaign...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-12-11 11:47
Professor Song Seok-Eon is new Top Priority Candidate as 10th Jeju-NU President
On November 23, Professor Song Seok-Eon(Law School) got 63.3% of the votes ...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-12-11 11:42
Delay of Korea College Scholastic Ability Test
On November 15, Korean Government urgent announced the delay of College Scholastic Ability Test which was slated to be h...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-11-25 00:20
10th Jeju-NU Model United Nations, Learning from Conference
From November 17 to 18, Jeju-NU Political Science and Diplomacy held the 10...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-11-25 00:16
Jeju-NU Central Digital Library Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony of the Central Digital Library at Jeju-NU was held on ...
Son Hye-Bin  |  2017-11-25 00:12
Smart Toys Without Batteries, invention by Jeju-NU Researchers
In Jeju-NU, a research team from Major of Mechatronics Engineering has exci...
Kim Jae-Hyun  |  2017-11-24 23:57
A Fresh Perspective from Freshmen
The campus is crowded with freshmen and the semester has started. The Islander wondered why the recent batch of freshmen...
Kang Gee-Su  |  2015-03-25 21:01
Jeju-NU Welcomes New Students
On February 25th, Jeju-NU held its 2015 entrance ceremony at the recently b...
Jung Sung-Ji  |  2015-03-25 20:58
Exclusive: How Safe Are Students on Jeju-NU’s Campus?
Students and faculty have mixed feelings about safety in Jeju-NU.According to a Jeju News article, Jeju Eastern Police S...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-03-25 20:56
Top 10 Tips for Freshmen
1. Knock on the door of the JILE, Jeju National University International for Lifelong Education building and receive a f...
Jung Sung-Ji  |  2015-03-25 20:53
Free Internet on Campus Comes With a Price
Every year, incoming students with laptops asks this question, “Do we reall...
So Sang-Jae  |  2015-03-25 20:51
Breaking: Jeju-NU Changes Leave of Absence Policy
The new school year is upon us, and with 2015 comes new rumors that Jeju-NU students no longer have the option to take a...
Kang Gee-Su  |  2015-03-25 20:50
Jeju Is the New Chinese Hotspot
From coast to coast, Jeju Island boasts throngs of Chinese tourists. In fac...
Kim Su Min  |  2015-03-25 20:47
Pre-Registration Computer System Fails at Crucial Time
There are many classes that students want to take but can only accept a set amount of students. That is why there is ser...
Kang Gee-Su  |  2015-03-25 20:44
The JISO Sports Day was held successfully on Nov.3.
▲ The JISO Sports Day was held successfully on Nov.3. This photo is the fan...
Liu Yuan-Yuan  |  2012-11-18 20:06
2013 Jeju-NU Law School Recruitment's Competition Rate 4.18 to 1
On Oct. 15 after receiving 167 applications through the regular admission procedure and selecting 40 people, Jeju-NU ann...
Kim Ha-Eun  |  2012-11-18 20:05
The 24th Jeju National University Major of Multimedia Design Exhibition
‘Jeju National University Major of Multimedia Design’ of the College of Art...
Ko Yoo-Jin  |  2012-11-18 20:01
Admission briefing sessions held for prospective students
Jeju-NU planned to hold recruiting campaigns through admissions briefing sessions on campus as well as on-sites at all h...
Han Yong-Jae  |  2012-11-18 19:57
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