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A Fresh Perspective from Freshmen
The campus is crowded with freshmen and the semester has started. The Islander wondered why the recent batch of freshmen...
Kang Gee-Su  |  2015-03-25 21:01
Jeju-NU Welcomes New Students
On February 25th, Jeju-NU held its 2015 entrance ceremony at the recently b...
Jung Sung-Ji  |  2015-03-25 20:58
Exclusive: How Safe Are Students on Jeju-NU’s Campus?
Students and faculty have mixed feelings about safety in Jeju-NU.According to a Jeju News article, Jeju Eastern Police S...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-03-25 20:56
Top 10 Tips for Freshmen
1. Knock on the door of the JILE, Jeju National University International for Lifelong Education building and receive a f...
Jung Sung-Ji  |  2015-03-25 20:53
Free Internet on Campus Comes With a Price
Every year, incoming students with laptops asks this question, “Do we reall...
So Sang-Jae  |  2015-03-25 20:51
Breaking: Jeju-NU Changes Leave of Absence Policy
The new school year is upon us, and with 2015 comes new rumors that Jeju-NU students no longer have the option to take a...
Kang Gee-Su  |  2015-03-25 20:50
Jeju Is the New Chinese Hotspot
From coast to coast, Jeju Island boasts throngs of Chinese tourists. In fac...
Kim Su Min  |  2015-03-25 20:47
Pre-Registration Computer System Fails at Crucial Time
There are many classes that students want to take but can only accept a set amount of students. That is why there is ser...
Kang Gee-Su  |  2015-03-25 20:44
The JISO Sports Day was held successfully on Nov.3.
▲ The JISO Sports Day was held successfully on Nov.3. This photo is the fan...
Liu Yuan-Yuan  |  2012-11-18 20:06
2013 Jeju-NU Law School Recruitment's Competition Rate 4.18 to 1
On Oct. 15 after receiving 167 applications through the regular admission procedure and selecting 40 people, Jeju-NU ann...
Kim Ha-Eun  |  2012-11-18 20:05
The 24th Jeju National University Major of Multimedia Design Exhibition
‘Jeju National University Major of Multimedia Design’ of the College of Art...
Ko Yoo-Jin  |  2012-11-18 20:01
Admission briefing sessions held for prospective students
Jeju-NU planned to hold recruiting campaigns through admissions briefing sessions on campus as well as on-sites at all h...
Han Yong-Jae  |  2012-11-18 19:57
Jeju-NU earns distinction as superior university
The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology announced on Nov.7 that Jeju-NU was rated excellent for the effectiven...
Han Yong-Jae  |  2012-11-18 19:56
Foreign Students' Union, needs to be recognized
With the increase of foreign students in Jeju-NU, the number of Chinese students is also rising fast. How to effectively...
Liu Yuan-Yuan  |  2012-11-18 19:51
The 3rd Jeju French Film Festival
The 3rd Jeju French Film Festival was held for three days from Nov. 2 to 4 ...
Ko Yoo-Jin  |  2012-11-18 19:47
‘Global Citizenship Seminar’ hosted an invited speaker
On Nov. 5, Jeju-NU Educational Science Research Institute (ESRI) invited Dr...
Woo Hyo-Seung  |  2012-11-18 19:38
Hawaiian conference features Haenyeo performance and discusses peace
The World Island Society and the Jeju-NU World Environment and Island Research Institute (Ko Chang Hoon, Director) held ...
제주대미디어  |  2012-11-18 19:35
Jeju-NU establishes collaborative agreement with Jeju PMC for mutual development
Jeju-NU and Jeju PMC producer of the popular entertainment show ‘Nanta’ signed the agreement for business collaborations...
제주대미디어  |  2012-11-18 19:33
Jeju-NU ranked 5th in educational environment among univ nationwide
According to the annual survey of educational program and its effectiveness conducted by the Joongang Daily Newspaper, J...
Han Yong-Jae  |  2012-11-04 16:34
Fruitful results from the Teachers College in a Teaching Contest
Following the last year's remarkable outcomes, students of Jeju-NU's Teachers College made splendid achievements from th...
Kim Gyu-Jeong  |  2012-11-04 16:33
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