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기사 (전체 331건)
Large Scale Businesses Put on Brakes According to Songak Declaration
On October 25th, Won HeeRyong, the governor of Jeju Island, held a press co...
Kim Baek-San  |  2021-01-25 11:03
Jeju Begins to Utilize Big Data Analysis for Tourism
Since November 30th last year, the Jeju Tourism Organization has been managing ‘Opentype Data Analysis Support Service’ ...
Woo Jong-Min  |  2021-01-25 10:59
Jeju Language Forum Was Held to Discuss the Endangered Language
Jeju language was classified as an endangered language by UNESCO in 2010, and the situation has continued since then. On...
Kim Baek-San  |  2021-01-25 10:58
E-Scooters: The Two-Wheeled Chaos Has Arrived in JNU
Jeju Island is starting to catch up with recent trends seen in other parts ...
José Manuel Orta  |  2021-01-25 10:57
Jeju Island Is Promoting Gwanghaegun Theme Products
Gwanghaegun is the one and only king from the Joseon Dynasty who was exiled to Jeju Island. During his nineteen years of...
Kim Baek-San  |  2021-01-25 10:53
Opening of Jeju Dream Tower and Its Probable Issues
The Jeju Dream Tower complex resort, located at the Nohyeong Five-way Inter...
Kim Soo-In  |  2021-01-25 10:52
Jeju’s Hope Sharing Campaign in 2021 to Overcome COVID-19
On November 30th of last year, the launching ceremony of the ‘Hope 2021 Sha...
Jin Won-Hyung  |  2021-01-25 10:51
Jeju’s Eye-Catching Exhibitions in January
The biggest art festival in Jeju, 2020 Jeju Art Festival (JAF) , is being held at the Jeju Museum of Art (JMOA) from the...
Hong Eun-Hye  |  2021-01-25 10:50
Drones Might Be LifeSavers in Near Future
'The Smart Grid Demonstration Project’ in Jeju has been in development ...
By Woo Jong-Min  |  2020-11-17 10:00
The Vestiges of That Time Have Not Yet Disappeared
In the 20th century, Korea was tragically colonized by Japan for about 35 y...
By Woo Jong-Min  |  2020-11-17 09:58
The 14th Korean Language Speaking Contest for Foreigners
Jeju National University’s Center for Korean Language and Culture held the 14th Korean Language Speaking Contest for For...
By Jeong Ji-Yun  |  2020-11-17 09:35
JNU Joins ‘2021 KF Global e-School Korean Language Training Project’
Jeju National University has been designated as a pilot university for ‘202...
By Kim Baek-San  |  2020-11-17 09:29
Pink Alien Invasion: Pink Muhly Taking Over Jeju
Jeju Island has recently got rid of all the pink muhly fields covering 2,30...
By Jeong Ji-Yun  |  2020-11-17 09:27
Sign Language Interpreters Will Open Their Eyes and Ears
Jeju is promoting the recruitment of sign language interpreters to enhance accessibility to information of socially disa...
By Woo Jong-Min  |  2020-11-17 09:24
Revocation of Nokji Hospital Permission Is Found to be Legitimate
Nokji Hospital is located in the Health Care Town in Seogwiposi and was fully funded by Greenland Group, a Chinese real ...
By Kim Baek-San  |  2020-11-17 09:23
The First Day of Jeju Forum 2020, “The Youth Day”
Jeju Forum 2020 was held from November 5th to 7th at Lotte Hotel Jeju. On t...
By Kim Baek-San  |  2020-11-17 09:21
Efforts of JNU Korean Language and Culture Center to Preserve Jeju Language
Jeju language is an endangered language which still holds many linguistic features of the Korean language from the 15th ...
By Kim Baek-San  |  2020-10-19 10:12
Eighteen Endangered Sea Turtles Released into the Sea at Jungmun Beach
The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) released eighteen sea turtles in...
By Jeong Ji-Yun  |  2020-10-19 10:10
Change in ISIC (International Student ID Card) Issuance System and Commission
There will be changes regarding the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), and they will be applied from 2021, Janu...
By Kim Baek-San  |  2020-10-19 10:09
Face-to-Face Class, Is It Appropriate in the Current Situation?
JNU decided to proceed with non-face-to-face classes, in most courses, for ...
By Woo Jong-Min  |  2020-10-19 10:08
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