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Waiting for 2017 Christmas
Christmas is just around the corner. Are you fretting out over what to buy ...
Tan Jia-Min  |  2017-12-11 13:09
Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 is Connecting Passion
The XXIII Olympic Winter Games will be held for 17 days from 9 to 25 Februa...
Kim Su-Yeon  |  2017-12-11 12:16
Festival du Film Français de Jeju Welcomed the 8th Inning
Festival du film français de Jeju was held six days from November 7 ...
Kim Su-Yeon  |  2017-11-25 00:25
The First ‘Queer Parade’ in Jeju, Untoward or Expected?
On October 28, 1st Jeju Queer Culture Festival was held from 11 a.m. The purpose of this event is breaking the stereotyp...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-11-25 00:00
The Islander 2015 Spring Semester Photo Contest
Criteria:1. Must be a resident of Jeju Island2. Must be a picture taken on Jeju-NU Ara campus*You may submit multiple en...
제주대미디어  |  2015-03-25 20:38
Enrich Your Heart!
Museums and theaters in Jeju are planning cultural and art programs for this semester. “Museum Visit on Saturdays.” is t...
김연주 기자  |  2012-03-13 15:57
Looking back on festival of Jeju-NU
During the university festival season, May, Jeju-NU is having its 59th birt...
by Won Ji-Ae  |  2011-06-18 22:55
Let's visit old campus of JNU
This is the Jeju Hyang-Kyo (the Confucian temple and school to teach local ...
by Kim So-Yeon  |  2011-06-18 22:24
Jeju Stone Park in Progress:
Stone Stories of Five Hundred Generals
Jeju is called Samdado, which means that Jeju has three many things : stone...
김은경 기자  |  2011-02-21 18:23
Jeju Stone Park in Progress: Stone Stories of Five Hundred Generals
Jeju is called Samdado, which means that Jeju has three many things : stone...
김 은경 기자  |  2011-02-21 18:19
You and I, We belong to the same world
"It's been a long day" said Scooter. He left for the market, but sadly, the...
김은경 기자  |  2011-02-21 18:10
Flexible Reconstruction of Human Relations
Title: Flexible Reconstruction of Human RelationsWriter: Jihyeon HA /Publis...
김은경 기자  |  2011-02-21 17:29
The Lives of Our Ancestors in Wild Land and Rough Climate, Jeju
Clothes are something we wear throughout life and even in death.We generall...
이미희 기자  |  2010-09-01 16:06
The meeting place, Wroclaw in Poland
“Dzie dobry, Zapaszam do Wroclawia!” Do you know what that means? It's the ...
이미희 기자  |  2010-09-01 13:11
"Feel the Breath of Nature at Manjang Cave and Seongsan Ilchulbong"
We are always enjoying various benefits nature gives us. The greatest thing...
41기 수습기자  |  2010-09-01 12:15
[Tamna] You and I are Same!
Ryu Hyeok Su was born in Seoul, and now is a professor in the division of l...
Prof. Lee Chang Ik  |  2007-07-01 21:43
[People & Life] Finger Printed Flowers
Potters devote all their energies to their ceramic works and they are patie...
Hyun Jae Yeon  |  2007-07-01 21:34
[Travel] Fly Away to Singapore
I took a trip to Singapore on January 14th, 2007. I know that Singapore is ...
Boo Hye Min  |  2007-07-01 21:22
Korean Cutural Wave Has Hit the World
The Korean Cultural Wave swept Japan and China first, but now it is spreadi...
Hyun Jae Yeon  |  2007-05-10 09:10
[Preple & Life] Fall in Orchaestra
- Graduated in KyeongHee university department of Music majoring in composi...
Hyen Jae Yoen  |  2007-01-11 10:55
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