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기사 (전체 57건)
The Islander 2015 Spring Semester Photo Contest
Criteria:1. Must be a resident of Jeju Island2. Must be a picture taken on Jeju-NU Ara campus*You may submit multiple en...
제주대미디어  |  2015-03-25 20:38
Enrich Your Heart!
Museums and theaters in Jeju are planning cultural and art programs for this semester. “Museum Visit on Saturdays.” is t...
김연주 기자  |  2012-03-13 15:57
Looking back on festival of Jeju-NU
During the university festival season, May, Jeju-NU is having its 59th birt...
by Won Ji-Ae  |  2011-06-18 22:55
Let's visit old campus of JNU
This is the Jeju Hyang-Kyo (the Confucian temple and school to teach local ...
by Kim So-Yeon  |  2011-06-18 22:24
Jeju Stone Park in Progress:
Stone Stories of Five Hundred Generals
Jeju is called Samdado, which means that Jeju has three many things : stone...
김은경 기자  |  2011-02-21 18:23
Jeju Stone Park in Progress: Stone Stories of Five Hundred Generals
Jeju is called Samdado, which means that Jeju has three many things : stone...
김 은경 기자  |  2011-02-21 18:19
You and I, We belong to the same world
"It's been a long day" said Scooter. He left for the market, but sadly, the...
김은경 기자  |  2011-02-21 18:10
Flexible Reconstruction of Human Relations
Title: Flexible Reconstruction of Human RelationsWriter: Jihyeon HA /Publis...
김은경 기자  |  2011-02-21 17:29
The Lives of Our Ancestors in Wild Land and Rough Climate, Jeju
Clothes are something we wear throughout life and even in death.We generall...
이미희 기자  |  2010-09-01 16:06
The meeting place, Wroclaw in Poland
“Dzie dobry, Zapaszam do Wroclawia!” Do you know what that means? It's the ...
이미희 기자  |  2010-09-01 13:11
"Feel the Breath of Nature at Manjang Cave and Seongsan Ilchulbong"
We are always enjoying various benefits nature gives us. The greatest thing...
41기 수습기자  |  2010-09-01 12:15
[Tamna] You and I are Same!
Ryu Hyeok Su was born in Seoul, and now is a professor in the division of l...
Prof. Lee Chang Ik  |  2007-07-01 21:43
[People & Life] Finger Printed Flowers
Potters devote all their energies to their ceramic works and they are patie...
Hyun Jae Yeon  |  2007-07-01 21:34
[Travel] Fly Away to Singapore
I took a trip to Singapore on January 14th, 2007. I know that Singapore is ...
Boo Hye Min  |  2007-07-01 21:22
Korean Cutural Wave Has Hit the World
The Korean Cultural Wave swept Japan and China first, but now it is spreadi...
Hyun Jae Yeon  |  2007-05-10 09:10
[Preple & Life] Fall in Orchaestra
- Graduated in KyeongHee university department of Music majoring in composi...
Hyen Jae Yoen  |  2007-01-11 10:55
[Science] Contraception, Let's Know Obviously!
In the 6th century B.C, the oldest book about sexual love, named "Kamasutra...
Hyun Jae Yoen  |  2007-01-11 10:45
[Travel] Anna's Diary - During the trip to Europe
Someone said, "If you don't leave, and if you don't go there, you can't kno...
Jin Anna  |  2007-01-11 10:35
[Theme Street] The modern women of Joseon : Heo Nanseolheon, Bau Deogi and Hwang Jin Ee
Modern guide books for women are being put on the best seller list, such as...
Kim Se Ji  |  2007-01-11 10:22
[Tamna] A Synbol of Jeju : Various Styles of a Dolhareubang
Every Dolhareubang looks alike, but each of them has own story and appearan...
Shin Ji Ran  |  2007-01-11 09:31
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