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Dumping of Trash in Schools Requires Students' Awareness
The separate collection and dumping of trash are serious problems in school...
Kim Su-Yeon  |  2017-11-25 00:10
Why Don’t the Problems at Jeju-NU Student Dormitory Disappear?
There are constant issues, like pest problems at the Jeju-NU Student Dormitory. Other problems are Wi-Fi malfunctions, n...
Noh Seung-Min  |  2017-11-25 00:02
The First ‘Queer Parade’ in Jeju, Untoward or Expected?
On October 28, 1st Jeju Queer Culture Festival was held from 11 a.m. The purpose of this event is breaking the stereotyp...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-11-25 00:00
Smart Toys Without Batteries, invention by Jeju-NU Researchers
In Jeju-NU, a research team from Major of Mechatronics Engineering has exci...
Kim Jae-Hyun  |  2017-11-24 23:57
Jeju-NU holds 11th Province-wide Foreigners’ Korean Speaking Contests
On October 14, 11th Province-wide foreigners’ Korean speaking contests was ...
Min Sung-Moon  |  2017-11-07 23:17
Donggabnaegi is not elected
On December 2, Donggabnaegi was not elected as next year’s Board of Club Association.On November 9, the result of the Bo...
Jo You-Yeong  |  2015-12-21 00:34
Is your school life comfortable?
Jeju-NU has a responsibility to provide students a comfortable environment while using school facilities. However, there...
Choi Woon-Seon  |  2015-12-21 00:33
Jeju-NU Global Teachers Awarded in Excellence
On November 30, it was announced that two teams from Jeju-NU Global Teachers University (GTU) were rated excellent in th...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-12-21 00:32
Successful Bidding for College of Pharmacy
On November 24, Jeju-NU along with Chonbuk National University and Dong-A U...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-12-21 00:31
The New Year’s Leaders
The student council Naeilro, the girl student’s society Goodsaeyeora and th...
Jung Sung-Ji, Choi Woon-Sun  |  2015-12-21 00:29
Drink in Korean Style!
The end of year brings a lot of drinking parties. For this special occasion take time to get some facts straight about d...
Kim Su-Min  |  2015-12-21 00:27
FLI Offers Free English Camp
From January 25 to 28 and February 1 to 4, the Jeju-NU’s Foreign Language Institute (FLI) will be hosting its 2015 Winte...
Kim Han-Jung  |  2015-12-21 00:26
Jeju Peace Monument Will be Moved
The Jeju Peace Monument Steer Committee decided to erect a peace monument i...
Kang Woo-Jun  |  2015-12-21 00:25
The Best Way to Leave Hell-Joseon
Hell-Joseon is a new Korean word, which is a combination of the word ‘hell’...
Jo You-Yeong  |  2015-12-21 00:24
Welcoming the New Year at Sunrise Peak
The annual Seongsan Ilchulbong or Seongsan Sunrise Peak festival will be he...
Sachith Wickramasinghe  |  2015-12-21 00:23
A Christmas Letter
Dear Matt,Hardly will you witness an empty street in this season. Here, every street is filled with people happily spend...
Michael Dumar Bulong  |  2015-12-21 00:21
What was the rage in 2015?
1. Movie-Veteran-The Avengers: Age of Ultron 2. Music-Some
Kang Woo-Jun  |  2015-12-21 00:19
Which type of Christmas character are you?
Santa Type -prepares sincere, big or small, earnest presents for the people...
Jung Sung-Ji, Choi Woon-Sun  |  2015-12-21 00:17
Take the Winter Writing Challenge
Earlier this semester, I did an informal survey and asked my students if any of them wrote fiction or poetry for fun. As...
Prof.John Burgman  |  2015-12-21 00:15
To Have a Perfect Christmas
ToHave aPerfect ChristmasA merry Christmas indeedHere are a few things to rememberAnd few things you will needThere must...
Sharmaine Tamilan Valdez  |  2015-12-21 00:12
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